Want to refine your skills for working with people in pain?

Springboard Facilitator Training gives you skills!

This course is for therapists working with people who have pain that isn't settling as expected. You'll learn how to facilitate Springboard, a structured group programme for people with pain. Springboard is used widely in community-based pain management in New Zealand. This course will develop foundation skills based on motivational interviewing and ACT (Acceptance and Commitment Therapy). Completing the course gives you access to the participant workbook that you can then use with people living with pain.

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Why this course is for you

... or what's in it for me!

  • You want a principles-based approach to working with people in pain

  • You want to learn effective facilitation skills for a group programme

  • You want to learn from the comfort of your own home from an experienced clinician and educator who really believes that it's possible to live well with pain

Course curriculum

    1. Welcome to Springboard Facilitator Training!

    2. About me

    3. What's in the course?

    4. How to use the application

    1. What are the aims of Springboard?

    2. Mini Quiz 1

    3. Theories about group processes (i)

    4. Theories about group processes (ii)

    5. Setting the group context (physical environment)

    6. Setting the group context (psychosocial environment)

    7. Mini Quiz 2

    8. Springboard philosophy

    9. Mini Quiz 3

    10. Facilitation skills overview

    11. Mini Quiz 4

    1. Motivational interviewing (i)

    2. Mini Quiz 5

    3. Motivational interviewing (ii)

    4. Mini Quiz 6

    5. Motivational interviewing (iii)

    6. Mini Quiz 7

    7. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) (i)

    8. Mini Quiz 8

    9. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) (ii)

    10. Mini Quiz 9

    11. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) iii

    12. Mini Quiz 10

    13. Acceptance and commitment therapy (ACT) iv

    14. Mini Quiz 11

    1. Initial contact

    2. Mini Quiz 12

    3. Session One: What is pain?

    4. Mini Quiz 13

    5. Session Two: Doing and moving

    6. Mini Quiz 14

    7. Session Three: Mind chatter & what shows up

    8. Mini Quiz 15

    9. Session Four: Sleep and rest

    10. Session Five: Who is on your team?

    11. Mini Quiz 16

    12. Session Six: Putting it all together

    13. Follow-up

    14. Mini Quiz 17

    1. Inclusion/exclusion critieria

    2. Process and outcome measures

    3. Reporting

About this course

  • $550.00
  • 46 lessons
  • 8.5 hours of video content

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Who am I?

Programme Developer Bronwyn Lennox Thompson

Bronnie Lennox Thompson, PhD, has been teaching postgraduate pain and pain management, and working as a clinician in pain management for most of her clinical career. She's the author of the popular blog www.healthskills.co.nz (established 2007), and is active on social media across many platforms. Bronnie has a passion for helping clinicians work collaboratively with people who experience pain - as she also lives with pain (fibromyalgia), she knows what it's like to be "one of them" as well as "one of us"! For both clinicians and people with pain, Bronnie believes in being human, real, and connecting with evidence-based approaches tempered with wide clinical experience.

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  • How much pain knowledge do I need?

    This course is intended for clinicians who have the fundamentals of pain as a whole-person, multi-factorial human experience. It doesn't include "pain education."

  • Can I use these skills with individuals?

    You certainly can! Though Springboard is a group programme, and works best in a group, it has been used with individuals as well.

  • Does it give me CPD points?

    No, because it's available to an international audience, and obtaining CPD accreditation is complex and varies from jurisdiction to jurisdiction. You're welcome to show the curriculum to your CPD accreditors if you wish.

  • Can I download the course? And what access do I have once I've finished?

    You can download many of the materials - and on completion, you'll have access to a folder full of resources, including the participant's workbook. You can't download the videos, but you do have ongoing access for as long as Thinkific is online!

  • What clinical background do I need?

    So far occupational therapists, physiotherapists, nurses, psychologists and social workers have completed the course. It would be wonderful for people living with pain who want to help others do the same via Springboard.

  • Does Springboard work?

    That all depends on how you define "work"! Currently Springboard has been shown to increase pain self-efficacy as measured by the Pain Self Efficacy Questionnaire; enhances psychological flexibility as measured by the Chronic Pain Acceptance Questionnaire; but it doesn't directly tackle pain intensity.