Course curriculum

    1. Overview

    2. Neurobiological aspects of acute pain & inflammation

    3. All pain is "whole person"

    4. Acute pain assessments and how to use them

    5. Test your learning

    1. Overview

    2. Neuropathic pain neurobiology i - clinical

    3. Neuropathic pain neurobiology ii - deeper dive!

    4. Neuropathic pain and the whole person

    5. Graded desensitising and sensory integration for neuropathic pain

    6. Test your learning

    1. Overview

    2. Nociplastic neurobiology

    3. Using questionnaires as part of assessment

    4. Useful questionnaires and how to interpret them

    5. Graded exposure in vivo - Occupational Therapy at its best!

    6. Stigma - "Othering"

    7. Test your learning

    1. Congrats! Here's what's next...

    2. More resources for you

    3. Before you go...

About this course

  • $600.00
  • 24 lessons
  • 3 hours of video content

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What's in the course?

Combined learning - three live sessions, and three online modules

  • Pain mechanisms/neurobiology

  • Theory and practice application

  • Assessments - interpretation & clinical reasoning

  • A whole person-in-context approach to pain management

  • Unique occupational therapy approaches to helping people live well in the presence of pain

  • Join the private online occupational therapy-only community discussion


  • How much time will I need for the course?

    The course is self-paced, so you can take your time. It does help to have gone through the relevant module before our "Live" teaching session, but not compulsory. You won't get your completion certificate until you have completed all the modules, attended the live sessions, and successfully passed the quizzes.

  • When are the live sessions?

    There are three live sessions over this course. The first dates will be: 4th, 11th and 18th March 2023 10.00 – 12.00 NZ time Subsequent dates will be announced through the year. You'll be emailed a link for the live sessions in a separate email. The live sessions will not be made available as recordings.

  • Do I get CPD points for this course?

    No, because this course is available internationally, and each jurisdiction has its own requirements.

  • Can I download the course? What access do I have once I've finished?

    You can download many of the materials - and on completion, you'll have access to the notes. You can't download the videos, but you do have ongoing access for as long as Thinkific is online!

  • Do I need to be an occupational therapist to do this course?

    Short answer: yes Slightly longer answer: You'll find the content is focused on information occupational therapists want and need. If you're not an occupational therapist, it's probably not the right course for you. If you're an occupational therapy student, or an occupational therapy assistant, you'll find the content useful.

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Who am I?

Programme Developer Bronwyn Lennox Thompson

Bronnie Lennox Thompson, PhD, has been teaching postgraduate pain and pain management, and working as a clinician in pain management for most of her clinical career. She's the author of the popular blog (established 2007), and is active on social media across many platforms. Bronnie has a passion for helping clinicians work collaboratively with people who experience pain - as she also lives with pain (fibromyalgia), she knows what it's like to be "one of them" as well as "one of us"! For both clinicians and people with pain, Bronnie believes in being human, real, and connecting with evidence-based approaches tempered with wide clinical experience.